The Way to Happiness

How to Distribute The Way to Happiness

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Many businesses are damaged or destroyed due to a lack of community values and even employee negligence, incompetence or dishonesty. The whole problem hinges upon the lack of a workable system to instill a work ethic and ethics in the community in those who share responsibility for helping the business survive and expand.

The simple solution is The Way to Happiness.

This "how to" booklet gives you the basic information you will need to get started. It covers the following:

  • An introduction to The Way to Happiness Foundation International and its scope and purpose
  • Some facts about the need for The Way to Happiness all around the world today
  • A detailed question and answers section regarding The Way to Happiness
  • Some of the successes you can expect from distributing The Way to Happiness from your business

This booklet also covers how to present The Way to Happiness to other businesses in your community and get their support in distributing the booklet. And it gives dozens of examples of activities you can do to distribute the booklet.

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